You can also find :

In the Medina

In the heart of the Medina, in a welcoming and warm atmosphere, this restaurant on the roof top offers you a magnificent view of Marrakech. 
Moroccan and international cuisine.

Terrasse des épices

Old 17th century residence where the garden has been preserved and transformed into a restaurant. You will have lunch or dinner in the middle of the trees! 
Moroccan cooking revisited in a very original but delicious way! (no alcohol)

Le jardin

La famille

Shop restaurant in a wood and nature atmosphere. Cooking perfectly suited to vegetarians, recipes taken from the imagination of the owners, small old-fashioned kitchen opening into the garden. . . You feel good there! (no alcohol)

Breathtaking view of the Koutoubia especially at sunset. 
Small coffee restaurant where it is pleasant to stop and drink a fresh fruit juice or mint tea. 
Moroccan cooking made by mothers, so it's like home! (no alcohol)

Café Kif Kif

A stunning view above the place des ferblantiers, we like its chic Moroccan decoration! 
Very beautiful place, many small nooks.
Delicious Moroccan cooking

Le tanjia

On Jemaa El Fna Place, a real institution. 
We don't come here for decoration because there is none here but to overlook the square and especially to admire the magnificent sunset! 
Authentic Marrakchi coffee (Hitchcock had made his home there) 
Very simple and really inexpensive Moroccan cooking (small pizzas for children) (no alcohol) 
My favorite place on the place ! 

Café de France

L'atelier des saveurs

Just in front of the guards of the Dar El Bacha palace, a very cute little café/restaurant, small tables and stools made of wood, culinary inscriptions on the slate walls, slate card. . . In short, quite nice. Certainly close to the road but before rushing into Sidi Abdelaziz, it's a good option!

Small restaurant all in length, no more than twenty place to eat. Wooden tables and stools, bright colours, various posters make it a very warm place...
The particularity is the wall of paper napkins decorated by the customers and stapled by our guests when paying the bill. 
Feel free to ask for markers and release your creative soul on this napkin that will forever be part of the walls or rather "this wall";. 
Cooking, burgers, club sandwiches, skewers...Simple menu but homemade cooking. Fresh fruit juice too. 
We like this place without fuss in a street that starts from "Place des ferblantiers" and leads you straight to the Jemaa El Fna place.

Fox art food

Les jardins de Bala

Les Jardins de Bala is an Indian restaurant located on the top floor of the grand hotel "Les jardins de la Koutoubia".

The dishes can be enjoyed on the roof top with a breathtaking view of the Koutoubia. 
At nightfall it is always pleasant to find oneself there when the Koutoubia lights up. 
The cuisine is delicious and the dishes are adapted to your tastes (spicy or less), the hostess and her husband will give you a warm welcome. 
It is from here that you will take the most beautiful pictures of the Koutoubia and the bustle that surrounds it.

In the Gueliz

Wine bar that also offers plate of excellents cooked pork meats and cheeses. 
Here we're not in Morocco at all! 
Warm place with a wood and leather decoration

 Le 68 

This very pleasant tapas bar offers you the pleasure of being in a comfortable open-air space. 
The tapas are delicious and the musical atmosphere is great.


Grand café de la poste 

A place full of history, a real institution in Marrakech. 
Located in a pretty villa with chic and elegant decoration. 
Excellent chef (French) who does not hesitate to pass between the tables to find out if you like his cooking! 
Ideal for an early evening tapas aperitif.

Restaurant where you can enjoy Mediterranean cooking. 
Decoration halfway between a New York loft and a Parisian bistro.

Le loft